Most Wanted!

The Wanted Level is inspired from “Grand Thef Auto”, and tells players how much police attention they are getting, or in a few missions, how much they are actively searching for the objective. Wanted Level 1 and 2 stars are related to your own actions, only the wanted mafia member sees it, and cops will…

Katalaki Bay – Map

Get an overview of the playground area, and visit Key locations of Katalaki Bay.

Business, Family & Respect

In Mafia Team Work, your family and yourself are working for Kenny Petrovic, in direct confrontation with an other family. Your objective is to earn more respect and prove to Petrovic that your family is the one to trust in Katalaki Bay.

Rules for a Successful Ascension

Life is hard in this sunny coastal paradise. Petrovic’s jobs are various, but in here you can find some key rules to survive as a newcomer in Katalaki Bay.
Read these carefully, and remember, make your family proud.

A day like any other

Mission are given by Kenny Petrovic himself, via cellphone.
If you or any other family member starts acting crazy, expect polices forces to try to put your business upside down. Offenders are subject to a warrant of arrest which will increased according to the type of offense committed