Rules for a Successful Ascension


Missions & Targets are common to both teams.

Each objective completed add Respect points to your team. Respect score is displayed on top-right corner of your screen.

When game time is over, the game ends once the current mission is completed. The team that got the highest Respect score will gain the trust of Mr. Petrovic, Godfather of Katalaki Bay.

At respawn location, use flag’s menu to get a car. All cars can be field-repaired anytime.

Open your GPS to reach objectives faster. You can also follow waypoints (3D Icons) that point objectives locations.

For additional information on current mission’s objectives, the following colored markers will show the mission type:

  • RED Objective: Kill or Destroy
  • BLUE Objective: Take and drop (do not destroy)
  • YELLOW Objective: Drop location for car or briefcase (only seen by the driver/carrier)

You can also read the objective details at anytime by pressing J key (default).