A Few Survival Tips

  • Bellow 80km/h, you can get out of your vehicle safely. Get out at higher speed is still possible, but is at your own risks.
  • Equipment and weapons can be found in Ammo Crates on objectives, or in your victim’s vehicles.
  • Police cars often carry grenades, high caliber pistols or MK20C
  • When a vehicle’s engine is destroyed, it will ignite, and blow up after a moment.
  • If you like big explosions, try to find fuel/gas tank trucks.
  • Katalaki Bay area is full of life, you will often find civilians and cops on your way.
  • You can be polite and salute em, or you can dis em, or steal their car, and deal with consequences.
  • If a police patrol hears gun shots nearby, they will be in alert, and actively search the felon author.
  • If you can hear police sirens, then police patrol is on duty, and is therefore allowed to shoot on sight.
  • In Take and Drop missions only, a radio transmission will warn your family that police is in alert and all units will be in active pursuit duty.

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