A day like any other

  • Mission are given by Kenny Petrovic himself, via cellphone.
  • A hint will be displayed in your top-right corner, summarizing your objectives for current mission.
  • Your family gave you a GPS to make your job easier. Don’t forget to bind your key to use it!
  • Targets are shown on map by colored squares, and also by 3D markers ingame.
  • Missions are various, but objective type and their marker’s color code will always follow the same rules:

107410_20170404182411_1RED Objectives are contracts to take down, and vehicles or objects to destroy. It goes from rival gang members to delivery trucks, or any other kind of bullshit that hurts Mr. Petrovic’s business.

107410_20170408175924_1BLUE Objectives are vehicles or briefcases to capture and often bring back to a specific location (marked by a YELLOW square on map & 3D markers ingame). If things go south, Police, FBI or even the Army can become active part of the show. They will be on duty until the end of the mission.

107410_20170408181255_1During some of those missions, if you or any other family member starts acting crazy, expect polices forces to try to put your business upside down.

Offenders are subject to a warrant of arrest which will increasing according to the type of offense committed.

107410_20170408180233_1YELLOW Objectives represents locations where Blue objectives must be dropped. Only the Blue objective carrier can see the Yellow icon, and ingame 3D markers of drop area. Make sure to not fall into ambushes when going to those locations.

  • After each mission, make sure to check the place & vehicles, additionnal equipment or weapons can be often recovered.